The Oneway Multi-Gauge is an evolution in the way indicators can be used in the home work shop.

What can the Multi-Gauge be used for?

  • Set roller heights on your planer
  • Square the fences on your machines
  • Check the knife setting on your planer
  • Set the saw blade height and dados on your table saw.
  • Check the in-feed height on your jointer
  • Check heights of your jointer blades
  • Accurately measure the height of shaper and router bit settings
  • Measure the diameter of drill bits, dowels and flat stock
  • Set depth of cut
  • Measure groove depths
  • Set rabbet widths
  • Check saw blade run out

Order Number

Package Includes
Base, Indicator, 5/32 Allen Key, Flat Foot, Round Foot

Without the Indicator
Order Number

Package Includes
Base, 5/32 Allen Key

Instruction Manual
You can now view & download the Multi-Gauge Instruction Manual.

The indicator has a 1-1/32" travel and is exactly 90 degrees to the base. The frame is 1-1/4" thick and is made from quality cast iron. Three sides are precision machined at 90 degrees.

Unlike setting jointer knives with a straight edge, magnets or a machinist's magnetic base, the ONEWAY Multi-Gauge lets you know exactly were your jointer knives are in relation to your jointer table.

Quickly, Accurately, No Fiddling.

Its flat foot set parallel to the base makes it the one and only tool that really works for precision setting of jointers and other machines around the shop.

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